UltraSlick Premium Derailleur Cable Kit





  • Nano-polished ultra slick extruded cables are non-coated for ultimate smoothness and durability
  • Compressionless linear strand housing with slick lube liner for reduced friction
  • Lightweight sealed alloy end caps and alloy cable tips
  • Compatible with Shimano/SRAM road and MTB shifters
  • Contents:
  • 1x – 1.1mm x 1500mm cable
  • 1x – 1.1mm x 2300mm cable
  • 2.7m – Compression-less 4mm housing
  • 8x – Black sealed alloy end caps
  • 2x – Black dirt guard alloy end caps w/ rubber boots
  • 2x – Black alloy cable tips
  • 2x – Black rubber cable donuts
  • 2x – Black rotating hooks


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