Giant Bikes For Sale Online

Giant Bikes for sale, browse through our large selection of Giant Bikes online and click on a model for design specifications and a detailed description. Whether you’re looking for Giant mountain bikes, road bikes, BMXs or anything else, you’ll find it here. Many of the top pros ride Giant bicycles and you can, too. For many decades, Giant has been devoted to bicycles and cycling. At Giant, the two-wheeler is more than just a machine – it’s an integral component of society, a friend, and a way to explore the boundaries of your world. Our passion combines with ultra-advanced manufacturing and design, resulting in some of the world’s finest bicycles. Take your riding to the next level with Giant Bikes or Giant Bicycles! Buy Giant Bikes for sale online, we ship directly to your home address in no time.

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Giant Mountain Bikes

Giant Mountain Bikes are extremely popular and well known for offering excellent capabilities on the trails. From steep, technical trails to fast and flowy single track, our full collection of Giant mountain bikes for men has just what you need. Choose the perfect men’s MTB and get ready to hit the trails.

Giant Road Bikes

Giant Road Bikes suit riders of all abilities from entry level, all the way through to pro-spec rides competing on the World Tour. Additionally, Giant produces wind cheating triathlon and time trial bikes, such as the Trinity. From high mountain peaks to neighborhood streets and bike paths, Giant road bikes for men are your invitation to ride. Buy Giant Bikes from us online today and make the most of every ride with one of our men’s road bikes.

Giant Kids Bikes

Giant Kids Bikes for sale. All Giant kids bikes are designed with safety and durability in mind. With a range suited to all categories from mountain bikes to road bikes, there’s sure to be an option to stand up to the unique punishment that only a kid can dish out.

Giant Electric Bikes

The range of Giant electric bikes or E-Bikes covers both on road and off-road categories. The range includes the commuter focused Quick-E+ and the E-MTB Dirt-E+, both of which utilize a combination of Yamaha pedelec technology and a Giant branded proprietary battery and computer system.


Since 1972, Giant have established themselves as an industry-leader in cycling technology, their Giant bikes are the perfect example of this excellence. At Formby Cycles, we pride ourselves on our wide array of Giant bikes for sale at competitive prices.

Recognised as the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles and cycling products, Giant bikes are a UK phenomenon and a trusted cycle brand that consistency satisfies their massive customer base with innovation and quality. From anything to cheap Giant bikes to the more expensive models we have on offer, there’s sure to be something in our store to suit your budget.

Giant produce a range of bicycles to suit a variety of needs. Giant mountain bikes, Giant road bikes and even Giant hybrid bikes are all available to purchase from our site – take a look below to see our latest 2018 Giant bikes products.